wrote an article about us! We didn’t think of it until it was mentioned in the article, but a metal cover of that sappy ‘I Will Remember You’ song that plays on the SPCA commercials is totally in order. Read an excerpt below, or click here for the full article!

Neüterhead: Ace of Spays, by Leyla Ford
You know what’s the best thing in the world? Happy kitties and doggies! You know what’s the worst thing in the world? Sad kitties and doggies. And when kitties and doggies live on the street, that’s when they’re saddest. Cold, hungry, just trying to find the will to go on, dodging cars and coyotes, that’s no life for a kitty or doggy. Now you may not consider Bob Barker very metal but this organization does. So let’s all pledge to spay and neuter our kitties and doggies so none of them are sad and on the streets multiplying like bunnies. Who also need to be spayed/neutered. Cue the (metal cover) of that MSPCA Sarah McLachlan song. (Click here for the rest of the article!)