Lakes Animal Friendship Society

About the Grant

Neuterhead sent Surrey Cat Coalition a grant of $2,000, which was used to bring mobile veterinary services to the First Nations reserve the Woyenne Reserve of the Lake Babine Nation in Northwest British Columbia. The funding was used as part of a larger endeavour, and it is estimated that our part helped spay and neuter approximately 60 dogs and cats.

Feral cat colony

A feral cat colony cared for by Lakes Animals Friendship Society

About Lakes Animal Friendship Society

Lakes Animal Friendship Society believes that happy, healthy animals are part of happy, healthy families and communities. Their mission is to help improve the level of animal care, compassion and dog bite safety in the Lakes District, other parts of Northwest BC and beyond.

Dog park in Burns Lake

MacEwan Dog Park, the first dog park in Burns Lake, spearheaded by Lakes Animal Friendship Society volunteers.

Lakes Animals Friendship Society is a volunteer-run organization that incorporated as a non-profit society in 2011, and achieved charitable registration in 2017. They started out as several individuals volunteering in schools, building dog houses and delivering pet food to households in need.

As they faced a companion animal overpopulation crisis, they knew that spay and neuter programs were critical, and in 2011, began large scale efforts with mobile vet teams. While they have made incredible progress, there are still portions of the community that need greater assistance, and they are mindful to not lose what they have gained.

Lakes Animal Friendship Society continues to hold annual Community Animal Care Events with animal health clinics and spay/neuter services. They also provide services to low income families, including pet food banks, and delivering cat and dog houses to animals in need. Aside from teaching about the important of spaying and neutering, their community outreach work also includes topics such as animal care, compassion and dog bite safety.

This handsome pup is having mats shaved out by a Lakes Animal Friendship Society volunteer.

This handsome pup is having mats shaved out by a Lakes Animal Friendship Society volunteer.

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You can learn more about Lakes Animal Friendship Society on their website at and keep up with their activities on Facebook and YouTube.