Kootenay Animal Assistance Program Society

About the Grant

Neuterhead sent a $2,000 grant to Kootenay Animal Assistance Program Society (KAAP) to help fund accessible spay and neuter procedures for low income individuals and families. KAAP also helped with affordable veterinary medical assistance, and spread awareness about the benefits of spaying and neutering companion animals. They achieved this by advertising the project to reach people who potentially needed aid, then arranging for qualified applicants to access veterinary services in the West Kootenay area.

A sweet little pup helped by KAAP

About Kootenay Animal Assistance Program Society

Kootenay Animal Assistance Program Society (KAAP) was founded in 2007 to meet the needs of homeless and disadvantaged pets who might otherwise fall between the cracks in existing services.

KAAP are 100% volunteer run, and have a no-kill policy. KAAP doesn’t have an office or a shelter, using only foster homes for their adoptable pets. Whenever possible, they take in and re-home unwanted litters of kittens and puppies, making sure they are vet-checked, vaccinated and fixed. They also offer compassionate board for pets belonging to people who are between homes

Most of their work is directed towards reducing the pet over-population problem in the Kootenays through low-income spay and neuter services, and helping with emergency vet care for ill or injured pets. Their directors and volunteers also offer outreach services, including arranging vet appointments, picking up and delivering pets, and helping low income families and individuals with costs. KAPP responds to reports of abandoned, abused, or neglected animals, and redirects inquiries to other agencies to offer assistance where KAAP can’t.

An abandoned newborn kitten being bottle fed by a KAAP volunteer


(This grant provided…) The opportunity to help individuals/families afford the expense to spay-neuter their pet and to assist with medical help for unanticipated veterinary care. The opportunity to decrease the number of unwanted kittens/puppies born, and to have pets stay with their owners rather than having to be re homed or relinquished to a shelter.

The need for affordable spay-neuter is not a new need in our communities and has been identified by ongoing requests for assistance to KAAP over the years. KAAP has been providing animal welfare services since 2007. KAAP has fostered and re homed over 1,950 fixed cats and dogs during that time, and has assisted over 2,400 privately owned and stray cats and dogs with subsidized spay-neuter, vaccinations, emergency medical help, transportation and behavioural and other education.

One of the many cats helped by KAAP’s TNR initiatives

Learn More

You can learn more about Kootenay Animal Assistance Program Society on their website at http://www.kaap.ca/ and keep up with their activities on Facebook.