About the Grant

Neuterhead sent Surrey Community Cat Coalition a grant of $2,166 to help them with spay and neuter costs in two time sensitive situations requiring immediate TNR (trap-neuter-release) intervention. In total, 22 feral cats were assisted by the grant.

The first part of the grant was for The McIntyre Cats: 2 unfixed cats eventually grew to 21, and neighbours began to get frustrated with them eliminating in their yards. With cooperation from the neighbours, all 23 cats were trapped. VOKRA took in a nursing mother and any kittens, and Katie’s Place took in 2 adoptable adults. 10 remaining cats had been on their own for too long and were too feral, so Katie’s Place undertook getting them spayed or neutered, vaccinated, ID’d and treated for parasites.

The second part of the grand funded The Anderson Cats: Katie’s Place had 4 days to trap the 10 feral cats on a property set for demolition. Fortunately, they were successful, and all 10 cats trapped required spaying or neutering, vaccinations, ID, and parasite treatment.

This cat is estimated to be 20 years old, and likely lived on the Anderson Property her entire life. Neighbours reported that she was laying on this windowsill for 3 days- it had been the cats’ entrance to the house, but had been blocked before demolition. When Katie’s Place got there, but she was barely responsive, but they were able to help her.

About Katie’s Place

Katie’s Place is an animal shelter in Maple Ridge run entirely on volunteer power. They are a no-kill shelter with two guiding principals: all life is valuable, and we are responsible for improving the quality of life for all those in our care. They make no judgment on whose life is worth rescuing. The sick, elderly and homely are as precious as the healthy, young and attractive.

Katie’s Place started helping animals in January of 2001, and became a registered charity in 2005. They take in mostly cats but also other small animals that have nowhere else to go. Over the years they’ve narrowed their criteria to focus on those cats with few or no options, such as elderly animals, FIV+, FeLV+, diabetic cats and cats with behavioural challenges.

They advocate for the provision of responsible, respectful and compassionate care to animals within their community. Katie’s Place participates in public education as a preventive measure to ensure the quality of life for companion and other domestic animals. They also conduct Trap Neuter Return (TNR) for feral cats in their community and others, and also offer low cost spay and neuter procedures as resources allow. They work closely with other rescue organizations and resources to meet the needs of homeless animals in our community, and are a founding member of the Surrey Community Cat Coalition.

One of the adoptable adults of The McIntyre Cats. He was named Aslan!

Learn More

You can learn more about Katie’s Place on their website at http://katiesplaceshelter.com/ and keep up with their activities on Facebook.