Are you a band?

No, we are a non-profit organization that raises money by putting on rock shows, charity auctions, and selling merchandise. A few of us are in bands, but most of us are folks who won’t even attempt karaoke.

Can you organize a band to play at my event?

Prrooooobablyyyy not, although it can’t hurt to run it by us!

That being said, we only do our own fundraiser rock show once a year, and that is because it is asking so much for our bands to volunteer to play! They may just be playing for 30 minutes, but what you don’t see is the weeks they spend rehearsing, and the time and gas money they spend getting them and their gear to the venue!

Do you spay and neuter animals?

No, we do not. We may be animals lovers, but we are not vets. Attempting that would just be terrible for everyone involved.

Who does the spaying and neutering then?

We work with reputable non-profit and charity animal rescue organizations, all of which have their own vets who they partner with to perform spaying and neutering.

I need help to pay to get my pet spayed or neutered. Can you guys send me money?

Sorry, we only fund non-profit and charity groups, although many of them have programs in place to help low income or people on income assistance with vet costs. A good place to start is with the SPCA’s low income spay/neuter program. The SPCA website also has a list of other non-profits for dogs, cats and rabbits that offer low income spay and neuter programs!

Why do you only work with non-profits and charities?

We feel we can do the greatest amount of good by funding responsible rescue organizations. Many of them have relationships with vets who offer discounts, plus do other amazing work to help animal welfare and control the pet population. We are also a very small organization and do not have the resources to evaluate people needing assistance on a case-by-case basis!

How can I help?

You can help in a variety of ways! The fastest, easiest way is to tell your friends about us! You can also donate or buy some of our merch, and as always, 100% of the profits from our merch sales go towards spaying and neutering.

We have a gently used pet supplies and pet food donation bin set up at Long Live Cats and Dogs, who have donated some of their space to us! All of the items donated get dropped off once a week to a Downtown Eastside food bank, who distribute the items to low income people and families needing assistance.

If you are a band, artist, or small business, we are also always looking for cool prizes to raffle off at our silent auctions or fundraising events! We are also always looking for bands to play at our annual fundraising event.