Neüterhead: Ace of Spays is a registered non-profit organization that uses rock n roll to raise funds to assist responsible pet rescue groups with the costs of spaying and neutering.

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What We Do

Neüterhead provides funding to animal rescue groups who need assistance with the costs associated with…

  • Spaying and neutering companion animals
  • Doing community outreach work to educate people about the importance of spaying and neutering
  • Assisting low income communities with spaying and neutering companion animals

How We Fundraise

We raise funds in the following ways:

  • Through the sale of our merch on this website and in stores who have donated space in their shop
  • Through bands who have volunteered to sell Neüterhead merch while on tour
  • When possible, we throw fundraising shows with bands volunteering to play. We usually have one show per year

About Us

Neüterhead: Ace of Spays was started in East Vancouver in January 2013 after a night of cheap Chinese food and even cheaper drinks. The idea came from Kristy Clark and Alexis Murphy, who at the time, had recently opened a pet shop and wanted a way to help give back to the community. Two other founding members, Shane Clark and Justin Hagberg, were in the band together and had many connections in the local music scene. The last, Rheanna Olson, was a graphic and web designer. It all fell together from there. They threw themselves into creating Neüterhead with the simple goal of helping animals and having fun at the same time.

Since its founding, Neuterhead has been fortunate to receive support from people all over the world, and our annual fundraiser has become an East Van institution. We’ve since been joined by Adina Edwards and Simone Bur, both of whom are animal lovers with incredible non-profit and volunteer experience. We’re always looking for new ways to help animals and grow our fundraising through good times and heavy fucking metaaaal!

Board of Directors

Alexis Baran

Marketing Chair

Alexis’ passion for both animal rescue and live events in her city are exemplified in her role as a marketer at Tourism Vancouver and as a marketing and vaccinations volunteer for the past nine years with VOKRA. She is adamant that making sure animals are cared for is integral to a compassionate society where all lives are valued. Her two fluffy cats, Fenrir and Nabokov, may contest this, since many of her favourite things to do involve being away from them – she’s into travelling, hiking, but also reading and writing and singing along poorly to all kinds of music.

Simone Bur

Simon came to Neuterhead through her work as a minion at Long Live Cats and Dogs. She is a lover of all animals big and small, and has been a volunteer at various animal rescues and advocacy groups for over 20 years. Ask Simone about her hobbies, and she’ll say with a smile ‘I knit so I don’t kill people.’

Kristy Lynn Clark

Kristy is an East Van entrepreneur who never outgrew her small town roots. She currently owns Jackalopes Neighbourhood Dive, and has had a hand in beginning many successful East Van businesses, including Long Live Cats and Dogs and Black Rider Tattoo. All her businesses have a lot of neighbourhood character, and promote community togetherness and inclusivity. She has a senior rescue chihuahua, Doris, aka: Boss Lady. Kristy loves gardening, yoga and travelling, and has a shocking number of cat tattoos.

Shane Clark

Shane is one half of the band Worse, and was a member of both Bison and 3 Inches of Blood. By day, he works as a marine welder. He has been active in the BC metal scene for over 20 years and has lived the dream, touring extensively around the world. Shane loves all cats and dogs, and is stoked on the work he can do helping them through Neuterhead. Aside from writing and playing music, Shane’s hobbies are chilling out with a good movie and making art.

Adina Edwards

Adina has a strong desire to make positive change in her community. She works as a program manager in a modular housing facility for individuals with addiction or metal health issues, and has volunteered in the DTES in many capacities. This includes helping at Carnegie Centre, advocating and supporting the DTES community, tutoring ESL individuals to promote literacy skills, and helping people living in supportive housing get access to veterinary services and pet food.

She is in the bands Mother Trucker, Blind Driver, and Welcome to Cobratown, and has a masters degree in fine arts. Adina spends her free time making art, reading Marxist philosophy and cultural theory, and hanging with her best friend, her Staffy bull terrier, Rosie.

Rheanna Olson

Rheanna is a graphic and web designer via her company Fancypants Design. She has been volunteering in some capacity for local animal rescue and advocacy groups for over 15 years, and is also a board member of The BC Reptile Club. She believes that grassroots organizations are vital to helping and advocating for those in need (be they human or animal), and deserve all the support they can get. She has two kitties, Babytrix and Mistral, a rescue corgi named Ulfi, and about 50 snakes as Gemini Pythons. Rheanna spends her free time reading, playing video games, and working on her home tiki bar.

Special Thanks

These amazing volunteers have helped us since day one, and have always gone above and beyond to help our cause.

Justin Hagberg, Alexis Murphy, Andrew Murrin, Ash Pearson, Cam Pipes, Tony Sirianni, Mo Tarmohamed