$3,000 Donated to Hugabull in 2014

Posted on Jan 8, 2015

HugABull Advocacy and Rescue Society is a non-profit organization of pit bull owners and enthusiasts, serving the entire province of BC, and specifically the Metro Vancouver area and Vancouver Island.

They are committed to rescuing dogs from the shelter system, and increasing awareness about and demystifying this wonderful but misunderstood breed. HugABull also organizes local events for pit bulls and their families, providing spaces both locally and online for owners to connect and share resources. Since 2003, HugABull has grown into a community of owners and advocates, and a network of foster homes and adopters, all working to give these athletic and intelligent dogs the best opportunities, in spite of widespread stigma and mistreatment.

Beginning in 2004, HugABull has partnered with shelters across the province to find these dogs loving forever homes. Sadly, there is a disproportionate number of pit bulls in shelters, where they experience the lowest and slowest adoption rates, due largely to the stigma perpetuated by irresponsible ownership, sensationalist media reports, and reckless breeding. In addition to facilitating fostering and adoption, HugABull is enthusiastic about providing owners and families with the resources required to build and maintain healthy and loving relationships with their canines.  Initiatives include subsidizing veterinary care, providing safety education for children, trainer consultations, workshops, food, supplies and more – all at no cost.

We’re thrilled to announce that we have awarded HugABull a grant of $3000 toward their FixABull program!

It is dedicated to providing spay and neuter surgeries to dogs whose owners may not otherwise be able to access these veterinary services. HugABull partners with local veterinarians who offer discounted rates to owners looking to fix their dogs, but who may find the procedures cost-prohibitive otherwise. Of course, FixABull’s primary focus is pit bull breeds, who are “most likely to be bred in large numbers, abandoned, or mistreated,” though owners of all dog breeds are welcome to apply for the subsidy.

HugABull recognizes that all dogs deserve the opportunity to live happy and healthy lives, and that spaying and neutering is a huge step in that direction.  We’re proud of the great work that HugABull is doing to make that happen for less-fortunate dogs, ensuring them an increased quality of life, and preventing even more lovable pups from lonely shelter or street life – a fate all too common for pit bulls.